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A Wild, Wonderful World

Students in Mr. Ryder’s class embarked on a project allowing them to explore the world around Oak Grove Elementary, searching for hidden beauty and wonder.  It was based on the story Wild Shots, written by Tui De Roy for Ranger Rick magazine.  In the article, Tui shared her “Up-Close and Personal” approach to nature photography.  During a four session project, students used iPads to take pictures of things animals, plants, or anything that fascinated them.

They created descriptions about their pictures using the app, Popplet.  Then using the app Videolicious, they created a slide show with their pictures and descriptions.  On the final day of the project, they presented their slide show to the class.  To display them in the hall, they posted their popplets with QR code links to their videos.


Here’s one example:

Watch the example video here.


You can see all the project on the Oak Grove Digital Library, complete with Popplets and Videos!  Please take a look.  The kids are so proud of their work.



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