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Presenting the Oak Grove Digital Archive

The teachers at Oak Grove Elementary decided, during a faculty book study meeting, to create a digital archive on their school website to display all the wonderful projects there students were creating for STEM, PBL, and 21st Century Learning. ¬†They wanted a way for parents and students to have “copies” of the three dimensional¬†group projects the students were creating. Also, they wanted to showcase digital projects that their students were creating with iPads and other devices. ¬†Take a look here:

The Oak Grove Digital Archive

The newest step in this adventure is to also post QR codes around the school. ¬†Parents can scan the QR codes to see the virtual projects or read more about the things their children have been creating in class. ¬†It is a physical way to display work in the hall with a digital link. ¬†Take look at some of the teachers’ displays:

I’m really excited about the ways teachers are taking technology to the next level at Oak Grove. ¬†Stop by their site and see what you think!