First Grade classes around the county participated in an O.R.E.O. project, including Mrs. Chapman’s class, Mrs. Williams’ class, Mrs. Braun’s class,  and all of Oak Grove’s First Grade!   It was tons of fun, and it all centered around cookies!!

Students stacked cookies to see how tall of a tower they could make before it tumbled and tallied their results. Then, they entered results on a spreadsheet to find a class average and to view a graph.  They discussed the data using words like greather than, less than, and equal to (see example below). 

Oreo Project Example

Oreo Project Example

Click here for a  blank version of the spreadsheet.

Finally, they entered their data into a project database that included data from across the United States, and even a few other countries! To view the project results (including a map of all the participants), click here!  Globally, the class average for stacks was 18 cookies!


Here’s a few pictures from the event:
O.R.E.O. Project 2009 on PhotoPeach


Oh…and just in case your wondering, we did NOT eat the ones we stacked! 😉

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