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Geocaching Fever!!

gps1Have you seen small groups of students running around hunting for boxes at your school lately?  If so, then you’ve seen us geocaching, a fun, active way to solve SOL related problems!  It’s a great way for students to move around outside while working in groups and solving SOL related problems.  They love it!!
Here’s the basic idea:  It’s like a high-tech scavenger hunt. The kids use a handheld gps units to find hidden boxes around the school yard (your ITRT will help you set this up ahead of time).  When they get to a box, they use clues inside to figure out the answer to a problem or complete and activitiy.
Currently we have sets of activities created (or being created) for the following units:
  • Regions of VA (4th)gps2
  • Pirate Math (end of 2nd)
  • Global Studies (5th)
  • Library (Genres)
  • PE (Fall activity involving math and PE)
  • Phases of the Moon (4th)
  • Weather
  • Native Americans (2nd)
  • Native Americans (4th)
  • Carnivore/Herbivoire/Omnivore (3rd)
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Musical Instrument Families

 We are coming up with more each day….and would be happy to create one for a different unit with your help if you have an idea!  If you are interested in trying out this activity with your students before it gets too cold, let me know.gps3


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3 thoughts on “Geocaching Fever!!

  1. I would be very interested in your activities as I would like to try this with my kids. I have the pirate one but would like to see your Moon one and Carnivore one.



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