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Ways to Set Up A Class Web Presence

This article is mainly for teachers at East Salem Elementary, and any new teachers at G.W. Carver.  It will give you suggested resources for setting up a web presence for your classroom.   Once you set-up your site, please let me know the address so I can link it to our schools’ homepage!

Options Tried by Other Elementary Teachers in Salem

Setup a Webpage

See me for software and initial setup.  Most of our staff in Salem is using this type of web presence.  It’s really not hard, and it looks very professional!

example:  Miss Erickson’s Kennel Club


This is a web-based solution…you don’t need special software.  Not sure how long Weebly will remain free, but it’s great right now, and extremely easy!

example: Mrs. Dick’s Class


Create a class blog that includes homework.  Let me know if you decide on this option…I can help you turn off ads.

example: The Busy Bees


Create a class blog with separate blogs for your students too.  This is my favorite way to do student blogging.  Let me know if you decide on this option–I’ll send you our school set-up code.

example: The Coffey Crew

Other Options

These options have not yet been used by teacher at East or GWC, but I think they have potential.

Google Pages

example: Mrs. Richau’s Class



Update by sending an email and it appears on your web page like a blog


Instructional Technology Resource Teacher

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