A is for Avatar

In the technology world, and avatar is a representation of you (many times a cartoon). Many people use them instead of pictures of themselves in profiles because it adds a little anonymity. If you have students blogging or creating other online projects, you might want to have them create an avatar.

The Build Your Wild Self section of New York Zoos and Aquariums website is great site to use to make avatars and to learn about animals at the same time! Here’s my Wild Self!

After students create their “Wild Selves,” they can choose to save the picture to their computers. To do this, choose Get a Wild Desktop. Then right click on the picture and choose save! It’s that easy!

1 Comment

  1. I looked high and low for an avatar creator site that was suitable for elementary students – free, no registration, no risque body types, etc.

    Finally settled on WildSelf and the students have loved it. They create their avatar and then I screenshot it for them. We’ve used them with our voicethread and blog projects.

    A “create an avatar” site for K-5 kids would be a great project. Wish I had the technical skills to create one.


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