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How Have You Been Teaching with Technology This Year?

I’ve been amazed at all the creative projects I’ve seen this year! Occasionally, I pick out one or two technology projects to write about here…but I’ve seen so many more great activities that I haven’t had time describe! So, here’s your chance. Is there a fun project you did this year with the computers? The Smartboard? The Elmo or digital camera? Did you find a great website to use with a particular unit? Is there something you saw someone else do that looked neat? If so, please leave a comment. I’ll start with a few that come to mind (that I haven’t had a chance to write about yet):

  • Mrs. Overstreet has started a classroom blog that includes awesome slideshows and updates for parents.
  • Mrs. Salvat had her kindergarteners practice typing words they could read and inserting pictures to go with them.
  • Mrs. Pinello, Mrs. Stanely, and Mrs. Kier have been using the Elmo all year to help with Interactive Notetaking.
  • Mrs. Carpenter had her students create a book about George Washington Carver using Max Write to illustrate sentences about him.
  • Mrs. Laprad had groups of students use Storybook Weaver to write and illustrate stories.
  • Mrs. William’s students will be tracking Flat Stanley’s Adventures in Google Earth.
  • Mrs. Hughes used Kidspiration to make concepts webs about Greece and Rome and Mrs. Heltzel had some very detailed Kidspiration maps hanging outside her classroom a few months ago.
  • Mrs. Dick had her students create an “I Have a Dream Podcast” in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Miss Hall had students create a podcast about Black History Month.
  • Mrs. Valentine, Mrs. Hartberger, and Mrs. Pitts are working on a collaborative Monster story project (using Kidpix) with classes across the U.S. (more on that later).
  • Miss Erickson’s class used the digital camera and PowerPoint to practice possessives.
  • Mrs. Chittum is having students create slide shows (not sure on what yet, but the kids keep talking about it!)
  • Mrs. Barnett’s class has a class webkinz. I believe there might be some other classes doing this too! What a great “spin” on a classroom “pet!”
  • Mrs. Wright at GWC has been using the Smartboard (especially the pen tools) with websites to practice comprehension strategies with her students. Mrs. Wright at East used the Smartboard to have students sort topics according to the Dewey decimal system.

Even as I get ready to submit this article, I can think of more. So, don’t be shy! Hit the green comment button right below this post, and tell me something you’ve done (or something someone you know has done). Not only does everyone deserve a pat on the back for their hard work with technology, these ideas can also help others think of things to do with technology next year (including me)!


Instructional Technology Resource Teacher

7 thoughts on “How Have You Been Teaching with Technology This Year?

  1. HI.

    My 7th graders used Google SketchUp and Artstor to create virtual galleries that they can walk through.

    My 8th graders used Google Docs to create collaborative spreadsheets that tracked homework and sleep for the entire grade.

    My 6th graders are using Scratch to create two-person board games about Global Warming.


    Peter Ross
    Technology Teacher
    Brimmer and May School
    Chestnut Hill, MA


  2. Tina,
    All of my students used Kidspiration to design the five American Indian tribes/regions for US History. My homeroom has just finished their PowerPoint “book talks” . Next they will use the flip cameras again to review Civil War leaders and for SOL review.

    Also, kudos to Mrs. Barnett for actively using the Smartboard (my daughter is a pro and wants to teach me). Amanda Prettyman’s students designed those great magazine covers.


  3. I shared Googe Pages with some non-techie teachers at our school. Now we have teacher webpages sprouting up all over! We’ve done digital stories with Audacity and Photo Story, used a LOT of Discovery streaming materials (the builders), and are just now starting to play with Animoto and Voice Thread.


  4. I had my college students do a public art scavenger hunt. They went out in groups to find and photograph public artwork in our city. Each student had to pose with the art they found to prove participation. They then made a slide show or website of the photos, with commentary on what they found.


  5. I used our Virtual Classroom technology to teach 7th graders remotely. I teach from my office, and they attend from their school.

    With a computer, a projector, microphones, speakers, and a teacher teaching them live from the big screen was overwhelming for them.

    This is a government school that lacks important infrastructure, teachers, and even books. Technology, however, fascinates these students immensely. Although their classes are typically dull and boring, when they got the opportunity to learn in this novel way, I could see their eyes sparkling all the way on my screen.

    (We are working out ways to deploy the technology permanently)


  6. I’ve just begun using iPods and voice recorders with my elementary students (1st-5th graders) to record just about anything they’re learning in their classrooms! From red-eyed tree frogs with first graders, poetry, mother’s day messages, jokes and supportive messages to our troops, we’re having a great time!


  7. I have been working with teachers at my school to use a variety of tools. We’ve had third graders create podcasts using Audacity & making multi-media presentations about the Civil War in Photostory and Powerpoint as well as second graders creating a movie about playground rules (editing with MovieMaker), and second graders creating Voicethreads as a way to finish off their report on insects.

    Adam Hunt
    Instructional Technology Technician
    Madison (Phoenix) School District


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