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Kidspiration Templates

kidspirationtemplate.jpgIn an effort to share things across schools in the division, we have created a folder called “Common” on the K drive. It contains files pre-made templates that have been tried and tested in lesson with teachers. Both Pam Elgin and I have added some great Kidspiration activities lately. Here are a few titles…see if any interest you!

1st Grade
Past and Present
U.S. Symbols
Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia

2nd Grade
Word Sort (ou, ow)
Word Sort (ice, ace)
Native Americans

3rd Grade
Essential Knowledge Cards for Science

4th Grade
Plural Nouns
Regions of Virginia

5th Grade
Native Americans (First Americans)

Dewey Decimal System

There are also templates already built into Kidspiration, including Life Cycles, Wants and Needs, and many more.  I can also create ones for you if you can’t find what you need!


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