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Role Reversal

I’m so excited to be starting my third year working as an ITRT with my schools! I’ve been so impressed with teachers since I’ve been here, and as I watch them find new ways to use technology, I get even more excited for what’s to come. I know I’ve learned a lot about working with teachers and technology in the past two years…I hope you’ve learned a thing or two too!

I do want to give you a heads up on the role I’ll be playing more this year than I have in the past–your assistant! What this means is that I would like to be stepping out of the “lead teacher” role when we do classroom lessons together, and more into the “assistant” role, especially when we teach lessons or use programs we have worked on together in the past. After all, the point of my job is to assist you so that you feel more comfortable using different technology with your students…and then to step away, and let you shine.

This doesn’t mean I won’t help you when you want to try something brand new. I’ll be happy to play the lead role anytime you try something new and different!! I’ll also be happy to review the use of a program with you before we go do a lesson with your students, and I’ll be there to help out whenever you need it!


Instructional Technology Resource Teacher

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