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Numbers instead of a Seating Chart

Reading Skills in the Computer Lab

Next week I’ll be passing out the handouts to make seating charts. This year, I want you to assign the students number that go with the seating chart. Those numbers will be used in the computer lab and with the laptop carts, and will make keeping up with which students use which computers much easier. I’ll be making copies of these and putting them in notebooks on top of each cart. Between the online schedule and the assigned numbers, we will be able to tell which students used which computers each day. Thanks for your help with following this!

You can find a blank copy of the seating chart on the G drive (G:eastStudent Computer Numbers or G:gwcStudent Computer Numbers).

Image Citation: Old Shoe Woman, “Reading Skills in the Computer Lab.” Flickr. 09/23/2005. 6 Sep 2007 <;.


Instructional Technology Resource Teacher

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