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Thoughts on Improving Student Writing (for Next Year)

I want to plant a few seeds before you leave on summer vacation…

For those of you looking for ways to improve your students writing skills, I might have a few ideas that will grab your students’ attention.

Publish Your Students’ Writing!


If your students know that their classmates, their families, and other people around the world will see and comment on their work…suddenly, writing becomes more meaningful than just writing for the teacher. Talk about a GREAT motivator!! And now it’s so easy for your students to publish their work by blogging.

  • Start your own classroom blog project where students can write or comment regularly
  • Find a class “blog buddy” in another place (I know of a few 3rd grade teachers around the country looking to collaborate–see me if you are interested)
  • Have students write about what they are learning across the curriculum!

picture-4.png Blogs are web logs…if you say that quickly, you’ll see where the name came from. Web logs (blogs) are online journals. Click here to see a whole list of elementary school blog examples (from Salem and elsewhere).

Write a Book

Or your students can publish their own books! How cool would it be for your kids to be able to check out books written by their classmates from the school library or purchase a bound copy (or a free download) of a class book online? This is possible!

  • Publish a class book using Lulu (I wrote in detail about this website last month here)

Create Multimedia Projects

Podcasts and Digital Stories

What about using writing to create multimedia productions? Creating movies and podcasts actually covers the entire writing process…and the final product is a lot more exciting than a piece of paper! And it’s very easy to do!

  • Create a digital story using Movie Maker or Photostory
  • Write and produce a podcast

You don’t need to do all these things at once…think about it over the summer, pick an idea, and we can work throughout the year to create wonderful learning opportunity for your students! I’ll be available via email and this blog throughout the summer if you have an idea you’d like to kick around!


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