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End of the Year Ideas!

As the end of the school year draws near, here are some fun technology resources that you might want to use…


(Make sure you try out the websites out on your computer first…and that you sign up ahead of time for an account!)

  • Voice Thread — you can check out a headset/mic from the library and set this up as a station on a classroom computer!
  • Picture Slide Shows with BubbleShare
  • Photostory or Movie Maker
  • Podcasting (let me know if you need me to record)
  • Slide Show or Podcast for the Book Review Blog (East, GWC)
  • Max Show

Ideas for using the resources:

  • advice for next year’s group.
  • what we’ve learned
  • memories
  • look back at the year in pictures
  • summer reading suggestions or “the best book I’ve read this year”

Post projects on your web page (or I will put them on the school page), post links on schoolnotes, or save them to show next years’ kids as an introduction to your class.


Instructional Technology Resource Teacher

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