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Second Life and Twitter

Okay…I’m going to write about two things I’ve been exploring…but I hope you don’t think I’m totally nuts. In my defense, I’ve been playing around with these things lately because it seems to be the current “buzz” on edtech blogs. And I have to keep up with things…right?

Second Life is an internet based virtual world. When you sign up (for free), you create a character that you use to move through the world and interact with other characters. You will not be able to do this from school…our filter blocks it. But that’s because it is not a place for kids. There is a teen version of Second Life, but none of the students we teach should be using either of these sites. More than likely they explore the concept of virtual worlds through Webkinz. The reason I’m writing about it, though, is because lots of people are exploring the use of virtual learning in such an environment. If you try it out, visit Eduisland…you can join the virtual version of ISTE and explore somSnapshot_010e buildings created by various Universities. Discovery School even has a presence. If you want a tour, drop Pam or I an email with your Second Life name (after you register). We’ll add you as our “friend” and show you around (from the comfort of our real life home…so it will need to be in the evening or on a weekend). The picture is of the two of us shopping…Pam is the one in the poodle skirt, and I have on the sun glasess.

Twitter is the other thing I’ve been hearing about lately, and frankly, I’m not sure I get it yet. I mean I know how to use it in a technical sense, but I don’t quite see the point. Evidently that’s a common sentiment for beginners, so I’m trying to use it and stick it out for a bit before I make a judgment. The goal of the service is to ask at any given point in time, “What are you doing?” You can see my Twitter status in the box to the right.


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2 thoughts on “Second Life and Twitter

  1. I don’t get the Twitter thing either. I’ve checked it out, but honestly I’m not usually doing much worth talking about. I’m looking forward to learning from your experience.

    Second Life is next on my list. I’m actually signed up for a Second Life class this summer. Maybe I’ll see you there.


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