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Getting Ready for SOLs with Technology

Just wanted to share a few finished projects (and a few in the making) to help students review for SOL Tests.

barnettclasspic.jpgMrs. Barnett’s Class made a Social Studies SOL Trivia podcast for their 3rd grade penpals (Mrs. Hughe’s Class) at G.W. Carver. You can listen to the version without Penpal names here. Maybe your students could use it for review!

Mrs. Hughes’ Class is currently working on slide shows to review SOL places. I’ve posted an example below. Hopefully they will be sharing their slide shows with their penpals soon!

Mrs. Nave’s Class has recorded a podcast reviewing SOL Famous People in History and it’s just about up.

Mrs. Crotts Class is in the process of recording a podcast on Virginia History. She also plans on reviewing for the test using the Quizdom PRS. We’ll post pictures soon!

Mrs. Stanley and Mrs. Kier’s classes have been working hard on review cards for SOL test using Kidspiration. They’ve created picture representations of the concepts they need to know for the test!

As SOL tests draw near, it’s great to see technology being used for SOL review…especially in creative ways! Have I missed someone? Please add a comment and let me know! I know there are lots of others out there using technology different ways, and we can all learn from each other’s ideas!


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