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CarverCast Featured in Karen’s Educational Mashups Podcast

The CarverCast Podcast was featured this month in a “mash-up” podcast called Karen’s Educational Mashups…a medley of podcasts based on a theme. Here’s the description of the show:

This podcast features mashups (compilations) of short excerpts from podcasts and other digital content of potential interest to the educational community. It is intended to give you a taste of a various podcasts that you might want to explore further. Most shows will have a theme, such as math, science, student productions, professional development, museum productions, or technology news. Some shows will be focused on podcasts for administrators and teachers, while other shows will highlight podcasts for students or parents. The show is produced and hosted by Karen Fasimpaur of K12 Handhelds.

We were featured on a episode entitled Elementary Student Productions. Check out the episode–you’ll hear our students in the middle!

Listen to the episode

While you’re at it, you might also listen to some of the other cool podcast excerpts on her blog. Maybe they will give you an idea or two that you can try with your students!


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