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Okay…I know I’ve cheated. I got your attention by trying to use food, but in my defense that is the name of the site I want to tell you about–!! I love this site (not quite as much as food…but it’s up there). It’s an on-line “social bookmarking” service.  In other words, it’s a place to save your favorite links on the Internet, instead of in your browser. You can access your favorites from any computer that has an Internet connection, and you can share your links with others. When you bookmark a site, you assign “tags” or categories to it. These tags help you find the sites you’ve bookmarked again later on, and makes searching for them very easy. This site is probably one of the tools I use the most often on the Internet. I hope you will try it out!

  • You can sign up for your own account here.
  • If you want to check out my links, click here.
  • To make bookmarking really easy, you can download special buttons to help you out here.


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