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Spell With Flickr

This site, Spell With Flickr, is so much fun–my first grade teacher side kicked in! ABCDEFGH….

Enter a phrase and get back images (from flickr) that spell it out with letter pictures!

T E Antiques A C laserH

W I t H6

T neon e Polka C hNOMosaic letter LoGY

Okay, okay…now how can we really use this for school other than to create really cool titles on our webpages? What first comes to my mind are word walls, letter books, and tons of other K-2 uses. It also inspires me to go grab a digital camera and take my own pictures. Kids would love to go on scavenger hunt with the digital camera…not only for letters, but what about sight words? Numbers? Shapes? Can you think of something else? Add a comment below!


Instructional Technology Resource Teacher

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