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Cool Technology Projects

Teachers at both East Salem and G.W. Carver have been using technology to enhance their curriculum.  Here are some of the cool technology projects created this month:

•Mrs.  Nave’s class recorded their original Fairy Tale (The Hobbits and the Sweater Maker).

•Second Grade at East Salem has been using the  Smart Board and Graph Club 2.0 to graph their favorite animals.

•Mrs. Craighead’s class wrote and recorded a Crazy Critter Podcast.

•Mrs. Simmon’s class created a President Quiz that you can take online!

•Mrs. Chittum’s class produced a Podcast about the Explorers and Native Americans!

•First and Second Grade classes at GWC have been sorting President Facts with Kidspiration.

•Mrs. Wright’s Class used Scholastic Keys to create a Slide Show about Famous African Americans.  You can see their slides hanging in the hall at GWC.

•Students at both schools have been exploring places using Google Earth, a free program from Google.  Check out some really places to visit with Google Earth here.

•Mrs. Baer and Mrs. Travitz classes continue to correspond using a blog!  Make sure to check out the comments to see their conversations!

•A collaborative project is in the works at GWC for Read Across America Day.  Keep and eye on this page for podcast book reviews by students throughout the school thanks to Mrs. Dye, Mrs. Pillis, and Mrs. Foley. 

Some other really neat projects are in the works, including an American Revolution Podcast, Science Report Slide Shows, a Data Collection Project on Weather, Animal Report Slide Shows, Book Reports Slide Shows, and more!  Check back next month to see some examples!

If you know of other technology projects going on that I’ve forgotten to mention here, please drop me a note in the comments section of this post!


Instructional Technology Resource Teacher

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