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GWC FLASH students create two podcasts!

During the FLASH program (Fun Learning After School Hours) at GWC, six students in grades 3-5 worked together to write, record, and produce two podcasts and a promo!  The students learned how to use a program called Audacity to record and edit audio.  They also worked together to pick a theme for their podcasts and to devise segments for each theme.  They even researched information, wrote a script, and recorded audio for their own segments!  While we ran out of time and they were unable to put all the segments together themselves, they had input on how that would sound too.  They were very proud of their hard work (I wish you could have seen their faces as they listened for the first time)!  If you’d like to listen, visit the podcast section of the GWC website These podcasts were purely fun (since this was a FLASH class), but just think how neat it would be to have your students create a similar podcast on an SOL topic!  Contact me if you are interested.  If you teach grades 3-5 at GWC, you may already have an “expert” student in your class to assist!


Instructional Technology Resource Teacher

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