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Web 2.0 Inservice

Okay, maybe it’s too soon to tell, but would you like to have a page like this?  It’s pretty easy to do…you don’t need any special programs…just a web browser.  You do everything (including picking the style of your page) by filling in forms and checking (or un-checking) boxes.  The only thing that is helpful to know how to do is cutting and pasting from a word processing program (like MS Word).  BUT, you don’t have to know how to do this.  The only reason I like to start first in Word is because I am addicted to spell check, and as of yet, edublogs does not have spell check.  If you are interested in making a page like this, you should come to one of the Web 2.0 inservices!  There will be two in October (Oct. 18-East and Oct. 23-GWC) right after school.  You’ll even receive unscheduled inservice hours…so think about it.  Email me if you want to come!


Instructional Technology Resource Teacher

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