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Computer Lab Seating Chart

Be thinking about a permanent arrangement for your students in the computer lab during the next few weeks.  As you assign seats, please record your students in the computer lab notebook located on the table in the lab.  Assigning seats will allow students to

  • Take ownership and provide incentive for the maintenance of their computer.
  • Allow us to know who was on any given computer during the day, if a problem should arise.
  • Make it easier for me to know names when I assist in the lab.

Once you have assigned seats, please require students to stay at their computer unless there is a technical problem.  If you need to rearrange seating during the year, please just update your seating chart.

Two suggestions:
* Assign students by numbers–that way they can also use the same numbered laptop when you are using the cart.
*Don’t forget, the projector in the GWC lab is hooked to computer #3.  If you plan on using the projector or having me work with your students, you might want to leave this computer open. 


Instructional Technology Resource Teacher

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