Office 365 Handouts

Access the Roanoke County Office 365 Portal here: 

Looking for Office 365 Handouts?  Here are ones that we have set up so far:

Accessing Office 365

One Drive – Shared Files

SharePoint – Accessing Share Fair Resources


Office 365 – Changing Email Format Settings

Office 365-Contact Group

Office 365-Distribution List

Outlook 2016-Contact Group



Download Handouts

There are handouts for most of the programs we use at school (and some websites too) available in the blue box to the right. Here’s how you find them:

Use the arrow at the bottom of the box to scroll though the list of handouts. When you find one you want, click on it.bluebox1

Then click on DOWNLOAD.


Choose a place to save the handout on your computer so you can find it. Then click save.


Making Your Own Activities for the Smartboard

Once you have the SmartBoard Notebook Software on your computer, I highly recommend that you download and check out the  Lesson Activity Toolkit.  It contains interactive templates for different games and lessons.  It contains fun ways to practice things like:

  • Category sort – Organize key words into two categories
  • Key word matching – Match key words to their definitions
  • Multiple choice – Create up to 10 multiple choice questions
  • Text reveal – Reveal 5 lines of text in your preferred order
  • Word guess – Guess the letters of a key word up to 15 characters

All you have to do is add your content!  Download it here.   Don’t forget to take a look at the Quick Reference Guide they provide.

Assigning Students Fast Math

  1. Log into your teacher account.
  2. Click on the settings tab.
  3. Select all your students by clicking on the first person, holding down the shift key, then clicking on last person.
  4. Left click on the small triangle under “program assignment.”
  5. Choose what problems to assign.
  6. Green circles will appear by each child’s name. This means they are ready to start!

For full color directions (and pictures), please find the Fast Math handout in the blue box.

Summer Learning

Yikes! I realized that I haven’t posted here in over a month. It’s not that I haven’t been learning, but just the opposite, I’ve spent the summer multitasking more than usual. I’ve learned a bunch! I’ve also missed a bunch…I can’t keep up with all the blogs I’ve been trying to read. Partly that’s because I’ve met a whole bunch of really great people through Second Life and have added their blogs to my aggregator, and partly it is because I’ve spent a ton of time in Second Life with Pam Elgin designing a place for ITRTs to collaborate. It’s almost done…I’ll post more about that later.

The other thing that has kept me tied up has been a class of 14 energetic second graders in summer school! This is the second year I’ve had the chance to work in the three week summer school program in Salem, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. It gives me a chance to get my hands back into teaching, and to build a few (albeit brief) relationships with students, something I miss terribly being an ITRT. I’ve been trying to post some of the projects we worked on in class on a class blog. I have a few more projects to post, but you can check it out here.

Attending NECC Virtually

While I’m not actually at NECC in Atlanta this year, I will be attempting to follow it virtually. Vicki Davis provided some great tips from her experience doing this last year. Next year, cross your fingers, I’ll be there in person.

So far, here’s what I’ve done:
-set up a PageFlakes Page to catch all the great posts coming in about the conference
-found the listing of sessions that will be broadcast as webcasts or podcasts.
-picked out specific sessions so that I can watch for blog postings about them. Steve Hargadon has created a super postto help out with this process!

There will be some sessions in Second Life too that I plan on attending from the comfort of my sofa.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that edublogs will not only continue to stay up and running, I will gain my ability to add pictures and use the editor (instead of having to code each post). James has been working on switching edublogs over to faster servers, and there have been a few issues. I love edublogs…so I’m looking forward to the new upgrades and trying to be patient.

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