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Just One Thing

 Mike Fisher created which this presenation which answers the question, “What is just one thing teachers need to know about instructional technology?”  I love it, and it’s so true!! (Hint: Click on the play button and then use the forward arrow to move through the show.)

Here’s the text:

You don’t have to be an expert…

to affect student achievement.
to motivate your students.
to establish a digital pedagogy.
to move from rote to refreshing.

You don’t have to be an expert…

to integrate technology in multiple ways. 
to be Effective

It could be this thing. 
Or this thing. 
Or any one of a multitude of technological things that will make a difference in your classroom and for your students!

You don’t have to be an expert…

if there is such a thing

You just have to be willing.

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Blooms Taxonomy Tutorial

I ran across a Blooms Taxonomy Tutorial from the Colorado Community College System Colleges Wiki page on Blooms Taxonomy in my delicious network feed.  I thought it might be helpful to teachers as you design your lesson plans. I love the second of the animations that suggest activities for each of the levels, with a focus on digital technology. The text is a bit hard to see embedded in this blog, so use the links below each one to see them full screen. see this tutorial full screen, click here. see this tutorial full screen, click here.